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Meticulously crafted. Rigorously thought out.

An architect’s vision is to be respected, the developer needs to turn a profit, and the contractor needs to move quickly.  Toledo Iron Work’s design department is uniquely suited in finding creative ways to ensure all these goals are met.

Unlike most miscellaneous metal companies, who prefer working with red iron and build basic picket railings, Toledo Iron Works’ roots are based in intricate custom high end metal work.  This “baptism under fire” helped Toledo develop an acute sense and appreciation of the value of the design as well as finding innovative ways of producing within tight time constraints.

Growing at a rapid pace and working with such a demanding clientele forced Toledo to design and implement numerous cutting edge manufacturing techniques; giving Toledo’s clients a distinct and vast advantage by working with a company that understands and values design yet has the ability to produce work without sacrificing quality.

Toledo’s design department is always eager for new challenges!  Whether it’s a hotel lobby needing a grand entryway or a complex sculptural piece, simply, give us a call and take full advantage of our vast resources and experience.

Toledo Iron Works…Why settle for anything less?

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