Mastery of Metal

One of the most misunderstood and abused terms in today’s design world. Probably the romantic connotation of the terms “wrought iron” or “hand-forged metal” have contributed to its abuse.

Most individuals are unaware of what true wrought iron or hand-forged metal is and sadly, even more end up with either machine produced pieces or off-the-shelf items passed off as hand-forged.

This is due to either the reps lack of knowledge or a lack of respect for the customer.

There is nothing wrong with using metal that is not hand-forged.

Not all applications and styles lend themselves to hand-forging.

You can even argue that not all scroll work need be hand-forged, although historically all scroll work was.

It is sad, however, to walk into a majestic residence with superb architecture, flawless design, and come across inexpensive, off-the-shelf metalwork which was passed off as the real thing.

It is embarrassing for the homeowner having lavished his residence with the finest finishes then realizing his folly in having inexpensive, off-the-shelf metalwork regardless of what he paid for it.

Everyone is aware that there’s ceramic tile that tries to look like marble, formica and corian tops that try to resemble granite and cubic zirconia in lieu of diamonds. All these materials have a place and use.

The insult is when you are sold the ceramic tile, formica, or cubic zirconia believing they’re marble, granite, or a diamond.

Once you are shown the properties and intrinsic value of forged metal you will enjoy and appreciate the artistry with which it is created.

You will understand why forged metal is interwoven with our being and has endured throughout history as one of the ancient art forms, the Mastery of Metal.

Always Exceeding Your Expectations.