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Toledo Iron Works high-end residential ornamental metals and works are engineered and assembled with the utmost quality in mind. All of our work is produced in house by skilled artisans with decades of training experience. We do not outsource any of our work overseas nor do we use low- or second-grade materials or products.

If you are looking for value, quality, integrity, reliability and creativity we are your only choice.

Early in our companies growth we had a choice to make; we could bid projects every day and try to be as cheap/inexpensive as the next fabricator or select the jobs we want to be a part of and provide a premium product and service.  The choice seemed simple: provide a better service, a better product, give more value, be different.

Implementing innovative manufacturing techniques and designing fabrication friendly designs allow us to provide what others simply cannot.  Our artisans are versed in thinking about solutions and proactive measures to ensure as streamline as possible project.  As we all know construction is not an easy process so Toledo Iron Works in whole does everything possible to be part of the solution!

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